If you’ve been to a baseball game at St. Bonaventure University lately in Olean, New York, you probably noticed their new large Bonnies logo on the field at the baseball diamond.

St. Bonaventure reached out to Custom Turf Outlet for their Artificial Turf Logo & Design service to add two logos of the St. Bonaventure Bonnies to be placed at their baseball field in Allegheny, New York.

The two 10’ circle logos can’t be missed at the baseball diamond, which really highlights the school’s brand with a professional image of the Bonnies.
This is St. Bonaventure’s innovative way of bringing brand awareness to their school’s athletics, in a highly visible and prominent way. The school colors on these logos will look vibrant for many years, even with all of the snow and rain that comes to South Western New York, each year.